Goss*p is a social network that’s not about you. You can’t talk about yourself endlessly like on Twitter or Facebook. On Goss*p your friends “spread Goss*p” about you, and you spread Goss*p about your friends. If somebody spreads Goss*p about you that you don’t like, your friends all vote on it. Vote it down and it fades away. But you can’t Goss*p about yourself, because there is no ‘I’ in Goss*p.

Goss-p.com is the fully functioning beta version of the concept. Architected, designed and built by myself and Pete Giovagnoli, goss-p.com is built on server side javascript and connects with Facebook to display goss*p in way that is similar to a person’s status update.

Goss-p.com main view

Goss-p.com userpage

Goss-p.com mobile website

Goss-p.com Facebook posts